Standing alone,
He was lost on the path,
Behind him menacing trees danced,
Blocking his way home,
Shadows loitered on the path ahead,
All he could hear was the wisdom he heard,
His last words floating around his head,
You’re going to get lost,
You’re going to fall down,
You will be alone,
You will be hungry,
You might miss home,
You might be sad,
You might be cold,
You will certainly make mistakes,
The only way you will succeed is to wake up,
Step up,
And move on.
When it’s dark, find the light,
When it’s cold, remember to fight,
When you’re lost, seek the familiar,
When you’re hungry, swallow your pride,
If you ever need me just look within,
You have the strength,
Hardest part is to begin,
And as his vision blurred he smiled wide,
It was all a test,
There was no need to hide,
And as the path crunched beneath his sole,
He knew left, or right,
Would make him whole.Β