The sun’s hot today,
It showers me in warm, embracing rays,
I feel so safe here, in this powerful place,
My shadow quivers behind me, unable to stand the heat.

The sky is clear today,
It opens up above, a blue performance for me,
I feel so free here, beneath this vast kingdom,
My eyes are open wide, unable to believe that it’s real.

The wind is crisp today,
It gusts in rhythmic intervals, a dance routine i feel but can’t see,
I feel so relaxed here, amongst these cold tendrils,
My hair moves in the breeze, enjoying some time for themselves.

My breaths are deep today,
They rise and fall slowly, my chest a peaceful chamber,
I feel so content here, amongst the warmth, the chill, and the kingdom,
My feet remain still and heavy, they can’t find a reason to leave.