That unfettered silence,
A peaceful glow,
Molded by intense heat,
Shaped by soft fingertips,
As caring eyes watched you grow.

I walked hand in hand with your shadow,
And grinned as you got comfy in shitty train seats.
You were always polite to waiters,
Yet beware your fury with drivers,
As I hoped they would never meet,
And as the expletives flew,
My smile only grew,
For the beauty was in the small details,
In the little grooves of your passion,
Etched into the gentle curves of your smile,
Things that I alone knew.

I should have seen,
I should have known,
That your passion would turn,
Too intoxicated to see the writing on the wall,
A message that said run,
Look how you’ve grown.

Now surrounded by long stretched shadows,
Strained by hours of conflict,
Watered down happiness,
Too many icy encounters to stay potent,
To stay hot,
To keep taking another shot.
You were polite to waiters,
But turned on me,
Driving down a one way street,
In reverse nothing held sway,
You were furious with me,
And bright tail lights blinded,
As those ravenous shadows grew heavy,
Watching you leave and take my light away.