Little balls of happiness,
A beautiful glow, glow, glow,
With a smile I seduced them to me,
And convinced they followed me everywhere,
They made me feel special,
Warm in my hand,
Tingles down my spine,
Rosey cheeks,
The darkest of paths lit up,
Hazy afternoons wiped clear,
I kept taking more and more,
The longer we travelled the dimmer they grew,
Worn out and abused,
So I convinced another to inspire the pack,
Youthful energy to burn bright,
My selfish nature knew no bounds,
Another, and another,
Consuming intensely,
Wise old masters would give in, give up,
One by one they would peeter out,
Black as night, cold as stone,
And I would hide their lifeless corpses to avoid fear,
They were no longer needed,
I now relied on the light,
I couldn’t afford another,
It was for their own good,
Afterall the paths needed lighting,
I needed warmth,
And they were just so eager to help,
Step by step I marched forward,
Avoiding looking behind,
At the chaotic darkness my shadow had become.