Bit of a side post today as I’m in transition to Sweden, and have no poetry to share right now.

There’s a little tradition I do these days as I travel which I feel helps add to the experience. I thought I’d share it with you and see what everyone thought.ย 

It’s something I copied from my friend Bram in Korea as he was doing it, and I instantly loved the idea (and wished I’d started doing it a long time ago when I first travelled).
He had a diary, and in it were messages from the people he had met along the way. Not his own words, but theirs.
So I took this for myself, and I love it.

I tell people I won’t read it till 24 hours after we’ve separated which gives them a little more courage to be honest, and not have to worry about me reading it in front of them. There’s no word limit, if you wish to fill the diary you can. If you don’t want to write anything you don’t have to. It can be short, sweet, funny, serious, rude, inappropriate, reminiscing, forward thinking, or anything in between.
I try to make it people who I either shared a particularly powerful period of time (one awesome day, or experience), or people over two days together. Some people who I meet are only very short term (day or less) and usually it’s not possible to have too much to say.
It gives me immense happiness on a slow, sad day to pull out my little black book and remember as I read each line how each person made me feel.

My only regret is I didn’t start this sooner.
It’s like a passport for memories and it’s stamped with the emotions and experiences of each person, and each place.

It might be my favourite thing that I carry with me.
The only question is who is next?