Have you ever wanted to shed your skin?
To drop what you’re doing,
Just disappear into the long dark night,
And leave it all behind you,
These burdens you carry left to rot,
To feel the ease on your shoulders?

I imagine a junkyard,
An eerie gravesite, filled,
Old worn out relics of your former self litter the landscape,
Abandoned, rusted mementos of what you used to be,
Junk for others to sit and stare at and wonder,
Who was this person who left it all behind,
How did it get to this,
Where did they get to,
And as the dust agitates in their curious little hands,
You’re totally remade,
Polished and nice and removed,
Here one day and gone the next,
Maybe to visit again,
To see the person you once were,
And smile.