As he struggles up the hill,
Pop playing in his ears,
He fails to notice the heartbeat pounding around him,
Thum, thum, thum,
Streets lined with people,
Cars, and buses,
Smells from every nook and cranny,
The heartbeat of the city goes on,
Thum, thum, thum,
His legs ache,
And chest screams,
Sweat rains down on his new phone,
Last weeks toxins pouring out,
As his heart beat goes on,
Thum, thum, thum,
They pass by constantly,
Some oblivious,
Others judging,
Finding new ways to make it work,
As they dance to the rhythm of the drum,
And the heart beat goes on,
Thum, thum, thum,
When lights go out the veins light up,
Traffic tightens and arteries constrict,
As he moves his way through shadow and light,
The heart beat only grows louder of a night,
Thum, thum, thum.