I’m going to keep this a journal style post since I’ve basically been chauffeured around South Tirol and have no right to write a guide. To put it into perspective I am sitting in a house belonging to someone I’ve known for less than 24 hours just to be able to contact the outside world. I love travelling.

Italy has been magical. Milan was a little crazy, but pleasant. Trains were a mixed bag of fun. Some were overcrowded and loud, others were slow, empty but lacked aircon, and the South Tirol trains are wonderful.

I’ve found everything to eat here to be from heaven. Everything is so ridiculously tasty. I instantly have this cloud of guilt descend on me. Each mouthful is a lovely little slice of deliciousness. I can’t wait for more! I don’t eat sugar and I am not ashamed to say I’ve scoffed several brioche and tried some Italian icecream (the ice cream was a little heavy on the sugar for my liking). Other than that every single scrap of food has been unreal. Bring on the rest of Europe!

Here are some excerpts from my journal so far:

“Milan is a charming city. Terraced buildings draw you in as potted come alive and little italian and euro flags fly from the various windows. Pink, red, orange, yellow, blue all pop out of a vast seas of green as nature wraps its way through the suburbs. The city is alive with activity. Crowded trains are my main detractor right now as the very real experience of next to no space while 5 different cultures argue in 5 different languages over who has the window seat. A woman with a splotch on her arm that looks like someone spilled chocolate milk on her and forgot to clean it up tries to control the French families who currently rule the title of most obnoxious in the carriage.

I’ve never been a big fan of cities in general and a part of me is very happy to be leaving for the mountains.

The countryside past Verona is simply amazing. Huge mountains begin out of nowhere and tower up into the clouds. The flat countryside is a mixture of vineyards and old worn buildings. A raging river carves it’s way through the countryside. I lost count of how many times I exclaimed “Oh wow” up on leaving one of the many tunnels.

The town of Bruneck is breathtaking. Stunning is how I would describe the landscape and it’s location and adorable is how I would describe the town itself. Nestled comfortably between the dolomites, a normally placid river currently rages and splits the town in two. Everywhere you look you’re met by glorious views of a mountain range. The buildings are cute. They’re colourful, intensely cultures, and individually unique. They keep to a rather limiting opening/close time and everything within is boutique and costs an arm and a leg to purchase.

I can see how people are content to live their lives here in bruneck. See might be the wrong word…I can feel it. The town has an air of solitude and peace. The ambience is soft. Rarely do the cars and trains ruin the backdrop of peace. The river helps mask anything too industrious and the wildlife sing a lovely tune as the sun winds down behind the mountains. I’m reminded of a place from novels where protagonists wistfully sit beneath trees drinking and making merry. Only this is in German or Italian. The buildings connect in rather mismatched ways with old and new combining at odd angles which only adds to the charm.”

We visited Lagos Di Braies on my first day out and I have to say it definitely put the rest of my trip on notice. It was simply amazing!


We also visited Sand In Taufers – A beautiful little town also nestled into the valley side. I couldn’t get over the view of the town from the castle and mountain overlooking the whole area.



Tonight some local friends of Sabrina are cooking me an authentic Italian dish before I leave Saturday night. Tomorrow we are doing some crazy 5 hour hike into the mountains so assuming I survive that I will have more photos and stories with a little more details to follow.

Apologies for the rather brief descriptions I’ve been rather tired from all the exploring and haven’t mustered the energy to sit down to do anything creative.

See you all soon ! 🙂