By the time this posts I will be midair on my way to Italy. I’ve wanted to travel independently since I first discovered how much I love it in 2014. I’m unsure how the blog will continue to look when I land and start travelling almost exclusively… I would like to keep posting poetry, but I’ve always wanted to be a travel blog (just lacked the opportunity for content). I’ll think this over. Feel free to leave me a comment below letting me know which you have enjoyed the most over the first two years.

In the meantime, thank you to everyone who has followed me to this point. I write for myself, but I also write for you. It means a lot that everyone keeps up with me and I look forward to bringing you some decent stuff over the next few months.

For anyone curious the upcoming holiday seems to roughly look like:
Italy (week)
Austria (Week)
Czech Republic (4 days)
Germany (week)
Denmark (week)
Norway (2 weeks)
Iceland (4 days)
Canada (2 years)

Czech republic is the only one here that may change depending on time/interest.

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Let’s hope I don’t get lost in Milan 😉

See you soon