The trip has been really really roughly planned !
I am to arrive in Milan on the 24th of April.
I am to fly out of Reykjavik on the 14th of June.
In between that I wish to at least visit:
Italy (1 week)
Austria (3 or 4 days)
Czech Republic (3 or 4 days)
Germany (3 or 4 days)
Denmark (A week)
Norway  (2 weeks)
Iceland (4 days)
As it stands right now I have some time in each country and enough extra time left over (About 14 days) to see/go somewhere else if I want.

The only accommodation I’ve booked is in Iceland because that shit is expensive and I got an 80% off sale the night I booked my flights. Saved hundreds! The rest… I’m not sure if I should book ahead with room to add more if I like it… Or just book as I go. If you have any advice on this… please help. 

So the packing has begun… Such a weird period of time. I’m excited but unenthusiastic. I’m looking at all this stuff and I just cannot be bothered. Yet I am fully aware that this might be the best time to do it as I’m about to get extremely busy with my final 3 weeks of work.
I figured making a list would serve two purposes:

  1. Make it easier to keep track of everything
  2. Inspire me to get going

And so here is my packing list:

1x Olympus OMD Mirrorless Camera + carry bag, flash, and lens
1x Joby Gorilla 3k tripod
1x GoPro Hero 4 Black + various attachments for fun times
1x Dell Laptop
1x Battery pack
Various adaptors for all the places
1x World travel clock/alarm
1x Phone
All associated power cords (UGHHHH – Probably the hardest to pack)

3x Thermal tops (White, Blue, Black)
2x Thermal bottoms (Blue, Black)
2x Jeans (Black, Blue)
1x Hiking Shorts
1x Footy shorts (Aussie reppin’)
3x Shirts (various)
4x Socks (2 Thermal)
3x Underpants (2 are quickdry)
1x Beanie
1x Winter Jacket
1x Rain Jacket
1x Snow Pants
1x Fleece Layer
1x Jumper
1x Joggers
1x Thongs (Flip flops for you weirdos)
1x Hiking boots
1x Snow gloves
1x thin scarf
1x Travel Towel (Large)

Various Goodies
1x Passport
All the travel documents
1x Travel torch
1x micro umbrella
2x TSA Locks
Toiletries (Deodorant, Toothpaste, Toothbrush, Soap)
3x Packing Cubes
1x Travel Wallet

I’ve said it before, but this would be such a smaller list if I didn’t have to take all my winter gear for the future (Bugger buying it all again).

So after packing to the absolute brim the 70L (check in) bag comes to 15kg
At this stage my 30L (carry on) is completely empty and will take a spare set of clothes out… documents… maybe a book, and my laptop. It’s pretty safe to assume in total my life weighs around 15kg now. I’m pretty proud of that, but I definitely can’t wait to make it less !!!

All my shit packed (winter gear included) 70L bag filled – 15kgs
What I’m taking 


All my gear minus the winter wear 
All my gear minus winter gear and the bags (duh) 
My real life packs down to this 30L bag (9kgs)