My feet dragged beneath my weary body,
Weighed down by this aching sadness,
A lonely walkway behind me,
And a terrible goodbye before me.
Each hug felt fragile,
As if the memories we share could shatter,
Layered in the warmth of each embrace.
These light dustings of memory scattered in the air,
Memories of happiness, joy and growth filtered through,
As we stood together in your garden,
A garden I grew up in.

The wind would play in the trees,
Mimicking a child’s imagination below.
Cool shadows cast by titanic trees,
Shade to rest, read, and retreat,
To guard me from the heat and the evil.
In the garden I learned words,
How to use them, manipulate them, and play games with them,
Lessons that would shape the core of me,
Building blocks that helped build this sentence,
And the next.

On our marble board you’d host battles of the mind,
With aΒ sage-like patience your lessons would ring out,
As Knight and Rook and Queen danced together in violent clashes,
And our victories,
And our losses,
Were met with thunderous applause.
I’ll always remember,
Watching the sheer devotion in your eyes,
As you loved and cared for one another,
And for me,
And as the shadows lengthened,
So did my sorrow.
Saying goodbye broke me,
I felt the shards rip me apart,
And now as I begin to empty my life,
And carry onwards,
I plan to take you with me,