As I sat there,
The hum of machines buzzing in the air,
A beautiful collaboration of memories keeping me company,
I realised the fortune of my life,
It’s not positions I’ve held,
Power I’ve gained,
Or money I’ve earned,
But rather the people I’ve loved,
And the experiences that I’ve discovered.
They insulate me in lonely moments,
Like a woolen jumper on a brisk morning,
Keeping me warm and safe,
And the beauty of it all as I shine with comfort,
Is that the good,
The bad,
The positive and negative,
It all forms part of the outfit.
Bits and pieces here,
It all helps make a wonderful garment,
A garment that changes me, changes with me,
And as the smile spread across my face,
I knew that these imprints,
These tattoos,
Brands on my mind,
Will help keep me going,
Help keep me moving forward,
When I’ve seemingly lost my way.