So I have posted this before, twice I believe, but I felt that it was time to repost. The last two times I had very few followers and it served as a bit of fun. Now I have a few more and to be honest I enjoy sharing my goals with people. So without further ado here is my current (and slightly updated from last time) bucket list!
As far as I can see I’m going to be completing #49, #50, #54 and parts of #42 this year.

  1. Write a novel (published or unpublished it matters not, essentially it’s for me)
  2. Drink Spanish wine in Spain
  3. Eat frogs legs in France
  4. Watch the Aurora Borealis from a hot tub in Sweden or hot spring in Iceland
  5. Scale Mt Everest to base camp at the least
  6. Hike the Kokoda Trail
  7. Swim with dolphins
  8. Swim in every ocean
  9. Play cricket on a street in India
  10. Play futsal on a street in Brazil
  11. Go Skiing
  12. Learn to Surf proficiently
  13. Learn to speak Spanish, and German
  14. Visit Yellowstone National Park
  15. Visit the Grand Canyon
  16. Hike to Machu Picchu
  17. Hike the pilgrimage trail of the Camino de Santiago
  18. Set foot on all seven continents
  19. Learn to Latin dance
  20. Watch the New England Patriots before Tom Brady retires
  21. Hike the Annapurna highlands
  22. Ride the bullet train in Japan
  23. Visit and hopefully stay in a Shinto temple
  24. Visit and hopefully stay in a Shaolin temple
  25. Bungee Jump
  26. White water rafting
  27. Sky Dive
  28. Drink Jamaican rum on a Jamaican beach
  29. Hike and explore Patagonia
  30. Chase someone down the street in Burma while yelling “You on the motorbike! Sell me one of your melons.”
  31. Visit Alcatraz
  32. Visit Stonehenge
  33. Climb a volcano
  34. Learn to fish
  35. Continue studying a martial art
  36. See the original seven wonders of the world
  37. See the modern seven wonders of the world
  38. See the seven natural wonders of the world
  39. See the new seven wonders of the world
  40. Ask someone who knows why we need so many wonders of the world.
  41. Learn sign language
  42. Backpack my way around Europe
  43. Ride a motorbike around South America
  44. Go to Disneyland
  45. Ride the Orient Express
  46. Go to Harry Potter world
  47. Live somewhere in Scandinavia
  48. Ride in a hot air balloon
  49. See a polar bear in the wild
  50. See an orca in the wild and maybe swim with them
  51. Visit the island of Gotland in the Baltic sea
  52. Successfully complete the Great Trail in Canada upon opening
  53. Live in South America
  54. Live in Canada
  55. Live in Europe (Not Scandinavia)
  56. See ‘Of Monsters and Men‘ live in concert!!!
  57. Work in over 10 different countries
  58. Swim with Whale Sharks
  59. Travel on a Hurtigruten cruise liner up the Norwegian coast
  60. See something that truly takes my breath away
  61. Genuinely and selflessly help someone in need
  62. Send my poetry to a publisher
  63. Open and run a bar/restaurant
  64. Get a tattoo
  65. Attend the major parties around the world – Carnival, running with the bulls, Chinese new year in China, etc
  66. Buy a travel van and explore Canada -> South America