And so it begins!
It’s a pretty sour day for weather here so I thought I’d spend it doing a little in house admin work. License renewed? Check. Now what? I think I’ll let some excitement out… I AM GOING TO CANADA!…soon. I have no fear of talking about it anymore. It’s just around the corner and I want to dance. My boss is fully aware, and we sorted out when I’m leaving, and now I’m all but in the home stretch.

  • Saved my money? Check
  • Have all the items required to travel/move? Check.
  • Working Holiday Visa sorted? Check (9 months ago)
  • Resume sorted out? Check.
  • Insurance found? Check.
  • Cheap flights found? Check.
  • An Idea of where I want to go/live/work? Check.

In case you’re curious I’m most likely headed to Alberta. Ideally to Banff, or Lake Louise and try get work in the various bars/restaurants in the area.

I have 3 months to go… exactly to the day! I can’t tell you how happy that makes me. I can actually, but I won’t dribble on. Instead I’m going to tell you about how I spent my afternoon testing the limits of my packing abilities.

The list of what I have to pack includes:


2x thermal socks
3x thick socks
1x Scarf (thin)
1x Light down jacket (from Korea)
1x Fleece light layer
1x Snow gloves
1x jumper (Griffith, black)
1x beanie
1x snow pants
2x thermal pants
2x thermal tops
1x heavy duty jacket (Only thing still to arrive)
1x compact travel umbrella
1x Large travel towel
2x tsa locks
1x hiking boots
1x runners
1x thongs (flip flops for you non-aussie’s)
1x gopro + accessories
1x olympus camera
1x hard drive
3x packing cubes
1x toiletries bag (folds super thin)
1x 70L travel bag
1x 30L travel bag
1x 10L compact waterproof bag
1x laptop
Various cords/charging accessories
1x powerpack
1x hand torch
1x head lamp
Various wall adapters
3x changes of clothes

So I quickly realised as I laid all my junk out on my bed that I could easily fit my life into my 30L backpack – if I weren’t moving to a country that gets well into the negatives! It kind of fills me with confidence that this won’t be that bad afterall.
I was able to get it all in to the 70L with ample room to spare for the 3x changes of clothes that I couldn’t be bothered choosing just now. The only item I don’t have with me at the moment is the heavy jacket (it’s yet to arrive) but it folds up decently and should fit with ease!

Needless to say I’m especially excited now that I know I can get this done…

The 30L carry on bag was literally empty at the end of this and should be a breeze to lug around in transit!

Bring it on πŸ™‚