So last week I finally made the plunge into the deep world of photography and forked out some semi-hard worked cash for my new toy:


My new Olympus E-M5 Mark II.
I’m so excited to get shooting it’s ridiculous. Strangely though, I’m even more scared to get it damaged that I’ve been overly cautious. Hopefully that fades.
I purchased the 12mm-50mm Zaiko kit lens which makes it fully weatherproof and offers a decent range of options for my first camera + lens combo. I guess if I need more I’ll look into it later.

It’s quite compact and decently lightweight while also sporting a nice “Old school” metal look that reminds me of a camera my father used to have when I was a little boy. It seems perfect for travel and one of the main selling points was the lack of need for multiple lenses in my bag as I trekked around.

The menu is a little complex and will take me a while to get my head around, but in terms of functionality I would say the only problem I have is my hands are a tad too big for the grip. Makes accidentally pressing buttons an issue which I’ll need to work on.


So there we have it – the reason I’ve been in such a good mood lately 😛

Hopefully I can pick some things up quickly and start posting semi-acceptable shots before too long.