In a zombie like state,
As I watch my desk,
The grains bend and weave,
An ocean of wood,
Waves flow and break across my workspace,
A coffee mug the only other participant,
A satisfying brown elixir,
Transforming the landscape,
Little circles of impact as I let it linger,
And I realised then and there,
In the shell of my room,
That anything can impact you,
If you let it,
Anything can be God if you believe,
There’s a hard balance to discover,
Too much and you’re scarred,
Tattooed and branded and left to lament a choice,
Too little and you spend your spare time alone,
Shadows on walls become friendly,
And lonely voices call your name down empty hallways,
Walk the tightrope if you dare,
But be careful not to stumble on your way down.