Just know you’re not alone,
It takes a few honest moments,
For you to realise how familiar it all is,
These harsh truths revealed,
With innocent words,
A deep tranquil pond suddenly rippling with activity,
Maybe a lonely bird crying out to escape it’s solitude,
No matter who,
Or what,
Or when,
Just know you’re not alone,
And if this one life you are given decides to be tough,
If it starts to kick your ass one afternoon,
Never letting up,
Just know you’re not alone,
The starry night sky might feel overwhelming,
Those grey clouds probably seem typical,
And over the horizon might seem an impossible idea,
Just know you’re not alone,
There is someone out there who cares,
They might need a push,
That lightbulb to go off before they can help,
But someone cares,
Just know you’re not alone,
Even the biggest hurdles can be overcome,
You just need the right technique,
It might mean sacrifice,
It might mean loss
And it might mean commitment,
But you can beat it,
And the best bit is,
You don’t have to do it alone.