Nights have been spent writhing in fear,
Terror rode in on waves of adrenaline,
Finally a reprieve to the madness,
As I now contently close my eyes,
And see clearly again,
If only to see beyond the veil.

The cool breeze floats through my window,
Time stills,
A fortuitous feeling of comfort,
And in what feels like forever,
A night to call my own arrives,
Silence can be heard between zen like thoughts,
As an unknown presence filters into my world,
Fresh and mysterious,
Like a strange nostalgic scent,
Reminding me of something I can’t quite remember,
I can feel the emotions in the memory,
Happiness and excitement,
Laughter filled scenes of a movie I don’t recall seeing,
I want to find out more,
To twist our shadows together,
And shed this cold embrace.