I noticed one fine sunny day,
Amongst the crowds hustle,
And your average street bustle,
That the splash of the water below,
And view of the city afar,
Sunsets and rises of beauty,
It all seemed to go unnoticed,
Far too many too busy to see,
Such a beautiful setting right in front of thee,
What a view to admire,
Seemingly ignored by most,
Completely blinded by desire.

Monstrous highrises litter the river banks,
Populated by many yet no one giving thanks,
They work themselves into a stupor,
To obtain, own, and present,
Like peacocks doing their little dance,
They’ve worked themselves into a trance,
Too tired to admire what they worked for,
Vanity the engine that drives their need for more,
Up there where million dollar views are rife,
Working themselves to the bone,
Never to appreciate it when they get home,
Surely indicates a situation filled with strife.