“What do you do?”,
He asked,
An innocent question,
Small talk in most instances,
But this question changed my view of myself,
And of you,
And of everyone else.

“I’m just a…”,
I said,
Without conviction,
Lacking in self confidence,
And expecting scorn.
His response changed me,
And after much deliberation,

“Just a…,
You’re just a…?
You’re not “just a” anything,
That’s a cool thing,
I did that in my youth,
Best times of my life,
And I’d do it again if I had the time.”
I was shocked,
And more than a little inspired,
I felt better about myself,
And less like a failure,
Less like a loser.

Months passed,
Warm weather turned cold,
Sunlight became rare,
And day trips precious.
On such a trip it dawned on me,
this thought emerged from the deep halls of my mind,
I’m not just “a anything”,
I’m so much more,
You’re so much more,
We’re all so much more than just one thing.
We’re made up of incalculable beautiful details,
These intricacies that make us whole,
Little quirks and memories,
Character flaws and strengths,
Fears and fortitudes,
Beliefs and knowledge,
Experiences and hopes,
Dreams and realities,
They weave together to form us,
These wonderful tapestries of humanity,
I’m not just my job,
I’m not just my goals,
I’m not just the words I put to paper,
I’m so much more,
You’re so much more,
No one thing truly can define us,
I am many different things,
And I value them all,
With conviction,
These things make me unique,
And ultimately worthwhile.
I’m a worthwhile tapestry,
A work of art,
So are you,
And we all need to remember that,
When push comes to shove,
We’re worth it.