So close and so clear and yet so mean,
Emotions wasted on the screen,
I look at you trapped within the glass,
It wasn’t so long ago you caused this fuss,
I remember seeing that smile in reality,
It lit up the room brighter than any L.E.D,
The beautiful glint in your bright eyes,
Never prettier no matter what button I now try,
Without you I feel like I’m in a wasteland,
A hunger never satisfied as my desire demands,
I’m not angry, scared or depressed,
I just thought it better that I confessed,
Though we’re separated by distance, land and sea,
You should know just how much it meant to me,
As nice as it is when you sing me to sleep,
I must admit I begin to weep,
As darkness falls on my room,
Memories of our adventure begin to bloom,
I’ll cherish you, and it, and all we had,
So never look upon me, or my tears, and feel bad,
We both learned as each withdrew,
And from all the heartache we both grew,
I also know my bad rhymes make you smile,
Hopefully I’ll see it pearly white in just a while.