“What has you in such a mood?”,
His friend asked.

“I discovered a ruin. A beautiful ruin,
It’s clear to me what a beauty it once was, and could be again,
The melodies that floated forth,
And the creativity spurred within,
A gentle ruin,
A palace of compassion,
I could feel the emotions pumping through,
Like it’s heartbeat hadn’t quite given up hope,
It was a magical experience.”

“Was the damage extensive?”,
His friend asked.

Completely unappreciated,
Dismantled even,
As if torn down from within,
Over a significant period of time,
Piece by piece,
There was a struggle,
An attempt to combat the assailant,
But ultimately the result was tragedy. ”

“Where did you make this discovery?”,
His friend asked.

“Tucked away,
On a side street,
Trying to disappear,
Escape the cafes and book stores,
The clothes racks and burger joints,
Attempting to find solace in solitude,
Reverence from the remote,
Camouflage against the chaos,
But I know beauty when I see it.”

“What are you going to do?”,
His friend asked.

“I’ll do everything in my power,
To restore the faith once held,
And the elegance on show,
Quicken the heartbeat to a thunderous stampede,
And let it resonate throughout,
Ignite the fire within and let it burn brightly,
Illuminating those dark corners,
Helping me find some seeds of creativity tucked away,
Cultivate the imagination behind such artistic grace,
And if I’m lucky enough,
I’ll love her,
As she should have been loved.”