It’s crazy how it changed,
Every waking hour was filled,
Packed so tightly,
With that irritating buzz,
Vibrating through my life,
The ho-hum sounds of normality,
Resounding messages of doubt,
Obnoxious in my ear.

Oh how it was replaced,
Replaced so suddenly,
By your harmonious notes,
These moments of serenity,
Memories of a stillness,
A deep intake of breath,
And a slow release of stress.

When things get hectic,
You soften your tone,
Sometimes I need to stop,
Focusing in on your words,
Supporting me behind the scenes,
Not drowning out the moment,
And never leaving my side,
Just fortifying the fabric of my being.

When the night sets in,
And distractions of the light recede,
You return to full volume,
Filling my world with such delicate joy,
No longer a world mercilessly cluttered,
A simple zen,
Like slipping into a warm bath,
You restore me so,
And as stars welcome me home,
I hear a story told so sweetly,
A song to call my own.