You gently carry it around with you,
You try protect it from harm,
This fragile little thing inside you,
It needs your help to survive,
Soft attentive hands and impenetrable barriers,
You fear harm coming to it,
You’re unsure what will happen,
It’s been damaged before but you always saved it,
It looks good as new,
But the chips and cracks remain,
It’s so delicate,
This fragile little thing inside you,
The moment they break it,
It’s spectacular and horrifying,
It shatters into razor sharp shards,
You shatter with it,
Disintegration from within,
You never know how vital it is,
How pivotal to your foundations it makes itself,
Until you’re left in a million pieces,
Broken and beaten,
Crumbling away,
Forever unsure without,
This fragile little thing inside you.