The enticing way you dance past strife,
Beckoning me closer and keeping me near,
A power you hold over me,
Stuck in a trance and feeling so alive,
I shuffle along excited you’re in my life.

I want to keep your inner glow,
Hold it close as I cradle it,
Worshipping this mystical aura,
Shielding it from those with black intent,
And using it to find my flow.

I’m addicted to this magic you use,
The gentle whispers that softly stroke my cheek,
A powerful and lovely poison,
A fuel to fire my creativity,
Welcome inspiration from my muse.

An exciting language to learn from you ,
A poem written in your stolen glances,
Songs that escape with your breathe,
Stories that invoke my imagination,
Hidden messages only I can decode,
A beautiful world just for two.