It appeared out of nowhere,

This overwhelming feeling,

So sudden and so powerful,

It came from the heart,

It nestled into my chest,

It clung to me tightly.

A fragrance,

Evocative and enticing,

A soft tattoo,

Branding me helpless,

Then something changed inside,

Subtle, yet commanding,

I had a ravenous need to consume,

A violent, insatiable hunger,

You saw it blaze in my eyes,

And you nurtured me,

Made me strong.


I wasn’t looking for you,

But I’m glad I found you,

I was transfixed the moment you caught my eye,

Those peaceful blue orbs staring back at me,

Peering in through my soul’s windows,

Apparently endless and completely fulfilling,

A glance and I was hooked on you,

An unchained spirit with a gentle elegance,

You were passing through,

Your hair like spun gold,

As you danced your way into my world,

Leaving a trail of glitter for me to follow,

You showed me the steps,

Made my hips sway,

And helped produce a beautiful melody.


Time was not our friend,

Rather a malicious adversary,

An ominous ticking clock,

It loomed overhead,

Like a storm brewing outside,

And with it you disappeared,

Taken by its vicious winds,

And overnight my home transformed,

It had become empty and lifeless.

I awoke today to find no glitter,

No spun gold for my fingertips,

Nor an exciting scent,

Or anyone to steady the hunger.

The tattoo you left is smeared and painful,

My colours drained,

I hear the melody but can’t find the source,

It eludes me, a tormenting mirage,

The mirror reveals I’m all alone now,

Dancing to the memory of your beauty.