My dearest,

I feel empty now that you’ve gone,

You gave me purpose,

Your wonderful ability to turn the mundane into magical,

It kept me going,

I brushed my teeth with your lips in mind,

I ate well to catch your eye,

I slept uncomfortably to hold you closer,

I planned my day to see you,

You brought flavour to my palate,

You were my foundation.


My dearest,

I feel lost now that you’ve gone,

You kept me on course,

You righted my ship,

I knew where I was headed with you,

My compass seems broken,

The anticipation of something new excited me,

You were the pillars holding me up.


My dearest,

I feel drained now that you’ve gone,

You took the colours with you,

The world seems dull,

A barren wasteland,

You were so beautiful,

Like a photograph that kept me wanting more,

Like a painting that left me breathless,

Everything pales in comparison.


My dearest,

I feel cold now that you’ve gone,

Everything you touch turns to warmth,

We learnt to play each others songs,

I was your beat,

You were my melody,

Our rhythm was addictive,

A private dance only we knew the steps to,

But it seems the performance is over.