Scene 51
Exterior, mountain range
Girl and boy are exhausted after a long days walk, but find the scenery too overwhelmingly beautiful to call it a day
Pan to couple –
Man – “I thought you were going over the edge there.”
Woman – “I would have if you hadn’t caught me.”
Man  –  “You know I’d never let you fall.”
Woman – “Too late, I fell for you.”
Close up of couple as they move in for the…

Sexually appropriate handshake, not too firm, not too floppy, three pumps for good measure.

– Fin


I wrote this as a joke after reading about the ridiculous news story on David Beckham kissing his daughter. It’s just a take on where we are headed if we don’t pump the brakes on sensationalism in the media and online. I don’t know about you but I do not want to pay to go see the above movie in twenty years time. Healthy expression of emotion is a fundamental cog in the human psyche – leave it alone.