Life is a journey,

We’ve all heard this,

Step by step,

You travel towards your destination,

Some steps are cautious,

Some are deliberate,

And others are made in haste.

Laden with personal baggage,

You move forward,

You collect,

You carry,

You shuffle on,

You might be lucky enough to share a path,

You might share some adventures,

You might go it solo,

You are your own story,

You share with those who cross your path,

You shape your journey,

You and your choices pave your way,

You are the master of your destiny.

To have a good trip you need help,

Help from travellers,

Help from yourself,

Help from those more experienced,

You need help because some paths are hard,

Some paths are steep,

Some are gentle,

Some are rocky,

Some are well worn,

Some are less travelled,

Some are high,

Some are low,

but, armed with knowledge,

You ready yourself for the twists and turns of the road.

It’s about the memories,

It’s about leaving a positive mark,

It’s about improving the places you visit,

Make them better than when you arrived,

Better for having known you.

Do it peacefully,

Do it warmly,

Do it freely,

Do it selflessly,

But, just make sure you do it.

Go out, live your journey,

Make it epic,

Make it something to look back on with pride,

Make it happen.