You bite your lip,

You pick at your fingernails,

You shuffle your feet across the rough carpet,

You tap a nonrhythmic beat on your exhausted legs,

You can’t stop your mind from wandering at a frantic pace,

You are erratic,

You are floundering,

You need something to take it away,

You need to forget,

You need to replace,

You need to replenish,

You listen to music, but the lyrics torment you,

You read other people’s words, but their message alludes you,

You read your own words, but the enthusiasm isn’t there,

You try to make it about something else, but the one person you can’t lie to is yourself,

You try to justify it all, everything has a reason,

You are emotionally trapped, a cage within your mind

You cry out in distress, but only your thoughts hear you,

You can’t comprehend why,

You push them aside, but they crowd you further,

You need someone to throw you the key,

You need it so badly you can taste it,

You can’t escape.