You know how you have those days that just come up aces? Yesterday was that kind of day for me.

I know I posted very recently about celebrating 900 followers, but yesterday I hit 1,000 and I felt like it couldn’t go by without thanking everyone again. It really is what makes writing this thing worthwhile. I can’t wait to share more random posts with you all.


The second thing that made my day was discovering that I can snorkel and feed the fish in my own back yard at high tide. It’s unbelievable fun, and something I really enjoyed doing in Thailand a few years back…Now I can walk 100 metres and do the same thing here. I might have gone full on “mistakes and adventures” and forgot to turn my video from timelapse back to regular…so all my shots are shite from under the water, but I’ll remedy that.

Thirdly, and most importantly I received my invitation to apply for my working holiday visa in Canada! I will complete the process and cross my fingers, but I am one step closer to finally touching down in the land of maple leafs and ice hockey brawls. I’m just a weeeee little bit excited šŸ™‚

Thank you all again for reading! It means a lot.

Have a great day