Little parasites,

where ever I go they’re with me.

they feed me information,

they brighten my days,

but a few moments of happiness is all it’ll ever be.


Little parasites,

bodies of plastic and glass,

I stare at you for gratification,

but receive a feeling that will never last.


Little parasites,

I’m ever your slave,

you blur the lines,

hiding true emotions,

within your imaginary designs.


Little parasites,

they feed off my attention,

moulding it, shaping it,

and never letting go,

such an addiction the meddlers failed to mention.


Little parasites,

once they take hold,

you keep craving more,

often so much,

you fail to walk out the door.


Little parasites,

you’ve destroyed me,

my patterns are ruined,

a sense of loneliness clings on,

my second shadow,

this is what happens when you use too long.


Little parasites,

you’ve jaded me,

I feel so numb,

a like, a follow,

misconstrued as affection,

now I feel so dumb.


Little parasites,

I want to tell people about my life,

to show them in filtered brilliance,

instead of living it,

you’re just glass and plastic filled with strife.