Days spent staring,
nights spent anxious,
will it ever happen for me?
Days spent experimenting,
nights spent exhausted,
will it ever happen for me?
Time has no sense for fairness,
it has the final say,
so stop wasting it.
Find your head,
find your feet,
sip that coffee,
sip that rye,
and grow up.
Stand up and shout,
write till your keyboard breaks,
write trash,
you can do it,
write feverishly,
write profound wisdom,
you can do it,
let the words do the work,
no one else cares, just write.
When you’re food for worms,
these excuses count for nothing,
leave behind something,
you can do it,
a legacy, a time machine,
constructed of words and wit,
it’s about struggle,
and about perserverence,
and luck.
Get it done,
you can do it.