The discovery was uneventful, non-existent for the sweaty citizens trundling by, I was breathless, hollowed, exhilarated even.

The walk to was unassuming, the door open and inviting, the black furred house pet indifferent to my approach.

The walls were made of paper, bindings and illustrations and stood sturdy.

The battle between old and new words clashed in stacks upon stacks of insight and imagination.

Words, such words, millions of black symbols formed the foundations of this temple, this place of quiet contemplation.

Creativity hung heavy in the air, wit seeped from the ceilings, fantasy and reality mingled in a brilliant dance before my widened eyes.

With each breath I could feel an adventure stirring, as if the molecules were infected with wisdom and ideas, and were in turn infecting me.

A feeling formed, washing over me, and a lazy smile etched itself across my face as the fever set in, I had found home.