Lies spoken in mumbled tones,

Written in muddled tomes,

Spewed forth by collections of flesh and bones.

Conversations with misshapen shadows,

Whispered in the direction of the nameless,

Their mistakenly misguided misgivings utterly shameless,

Can you claim to be any better?


They march forth in unison,

With precarious balance at best,

Blind obedience helps you pass any test.

Thrash and disagree all you want,

Stand strong in debate,

Blind leading the blind to meet their fate,

Can you claim to see clearer?


Everything they say is a lie,

Beginning of the paradox,

Complexities manifest when dealing with the orthodox.

I’ll prove the truth behind it,

He says through frustrated teeth,

Issues are compounded as they fear reprisal from beneath,

Can you claim to be free?


Doors close internally,

Wedges of light fade to zero,

With this dark matter you’ll need a hero.

Ideas are buried within the skull,

Fantasies wielded have you captured,

Hard to believe it can be fractured,

Can you claim to be any wiser?