My bucket list! A few updates, and additions…

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I have always been interested in bucket lists. Both reading other peoples and formulating my own. Quite often I think about whether I will ever get out there and start ticking things off it, and today I take that first step in doing so, putting it in writing.
It’s going to be real after this, and I guess that leaves me one option.  So here we go, in no particular order, and no particular preference here are the top things I wish to do before I die at a ripe old age. I’m sure I’ll add to this and I’m sure there might be a double up or two.

  1. Write a novel (published or unpublished it matters not, essentially it’s for me)
  2. Drink Spanish wine in Spain
  3. Eat frogs legs in France
  4. Watch the Aurora Borealis from a hot tub in Sweden
  5. Scale Mt Everest to base camp at the…

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