Decided to take a short break from posting my series of “Where to go, what to do” blogs and do a small post about some recent developments of mine.

So this last week has been a beautiful period of inspiration and a rare few moments of enthusiasm for me. I caught the flu, which is bizarre considering it is 45 degrees outside and I haven’t been sick for twelve months. That didn’t slow me down though, on the contrary, these last 7 days have been an amazing time of creative work.

It all started when I decided to fill my spare time up with more than just Movies and YouTube – although my watching of Christopher Hitchens has returned to what it once was, which I consider an intellectual boon rather than a hindrance.

Another activity I have been using to fill my time is I’ve started learning Spanish and it is immensely fun. I’ve always wanted to speak another language other than English and I’m determined to be able to speak Spanish fluently. I always feel behind others who are bi or multi lingual and I’m going to join those ranks. I have also learnt to swear in Swedish which now makes me a proficient swearer in at least 7 languages – what a useful skill to have…

The intellectual stimulation front has been spearheaded by the fact I’ve been reading again. It was always my favourite past time growing up, and it’s nice to be returning to old habits. I’ve read 6 books this week, and all of which have been wonderful. They are as follows:

  1. The 100 Year Old Man Who Climbed Out The Window And Disappeared – Jonas Jonasson
  2. Hitman Anders And The Meaning Of It All – Jonas Jonasson
  3. The Girl Who Saved The King Of Sweden – Jonas Jonasson
  4. The Glass Room – Simon Mawer
  5. Two Years, Eight Months And Twenty-Eight Nights – Salman Rushdie
  6. Questions Of Travel – Michelle De Kretser

The Glass Room is brilliant, but I found all three by Jonas Jonasson to be unbelievably entertaining. He quickly vaulted up my ranks of favourite authors and now sits between Hemingway and J.K Rowling.

Finally, I came up with a new story idea and I began work on it three days ago. It’s three chapters deep and for the first time in a very long time I like it. Usually I’d have hit delete by now, but all signs point to sticking this one out.

It’s been a week of enlightenment and it feels as if the cobwebs have been blown clear of my mind. After laying dormant for a few years I think it’s about time I kicked it into gear again.

That’s all from me, peace and have a great day!

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