On my latest trip I went with an anecdotal diary approach. The idea was to tell stories and ideally making people smile through a ‘learn from my mistakes’ medium. As much as I loved telling these stories I definitely neglected to provide a high quality of consistent useful information. Things like;

  1. Cost of entry to places.
  2. How to get to places.
  3. When to go.

All those useful little titbits that may be helpful to anyone who chooses to follow in my footsteps in the future. So I’ve decided to do a little update on my travels, because what good is a travel blog without proper helpful information. I’ll be posting over the next few days covering the cities I visited and just filling in those minor blanks I created. I’ll also be sure to modify my future travel posts to better help inform beyond my bumbling around foreign countries. But fear not, I’ll be sure to make sure you’re kept abreast of my many head scratching anecdotes. Stay tuned…

Edit: Here are the links to my advice posts for  Japan and Korea

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