So I’ve decided to get back into the habit of participating in the Blogging University’s Daily Post events. I did it earlier on in my blog’s short life and it definitely helped keep me active and engaged with others from the community.

I toyed with the notion of writing some fiction to go along with it seeing as yellow can be used in a multitude of ways; yellow to indicate cowardly behaviour, yellow to insult people racially, yellow to distinguish a type of brick road, and so on and so forth. Instead I’ve chosen to base today’s theme of Yellow around a few time lapse projects I’ve been working on lately, and the recent artistic revelations of my little brother. The results of my time lapses are a mixed bag as sometimes the settings wouldn’t cooperate with me, but some beautiful results have come through the more I tinker.

In this first short clip I really enjoy watching the yellow of the neighbour’s lights against the backdrop of the galaxy coming alive

These next two photos were found dotted within a series of night lapse pictures my GoPro had taken. It was pitch black, and every other photo was of the starry night sky, except these two rather creepy little suckers…

I’m not sure what to make of them, but as you can see they fit the theme nicely.

These might not be time lapse related but the yellows and reds that my brother captured while driving home one afternoon really do leave me lost for words.


He then went on to edit a few more and the results were captivating. I love how they blur fiction from reality and make the horizon seem like it’s in the midst of a great fire.

I hope you enjoyed these and I look forward to tomorrows word prompt!