Today I decided to snowshoe hike my way up Mt Moiwa which is a mountain on the edge of Sapporo. I’ve never snowshoed before, which isn’t surprising since less than a fortnight ago I hadn’t seen snow, and I was eager to give it a go. I received a brief tutorial on how to put them on from Ash last night, and with that knowledge I set off around 10.30am. The walk from Ash’s place to Mt Moiwa was pretty easy, and there’s nothing easier than navigating your way through a city using a bloody great mountain as a point of reference.


I started up a road that felt like it went on forever due to the slow trek thanks to the icy surface. The only downside to today occurred in my finding of the walking trail. It’s not very well signed and it’s all in Japanese and at this time of year 50% of it is buried in snow. I had to do a double back and dig it out a little before realising it was the right way to go.

The trek was moderate due to it being all uphill, even with the snowshoes on. They were a lifesaver though I wouldn’t have made it up the first incline without them it was so slippery. They’re fairly easy to use so if I could not plod my way to an injury, you can! The walk is all uphill and in the snow it’s not easy, so if you’re of a lower fitness level maybe don’t attempt it, anyone else shouldn’t have too much of an issue and I highly recommend it.

My trek was slowed by the fact I kept taking photos, but I still managed to blitz the Japanese couple that were about 40 metres behind. It was peaceful up there all alone, other than the music being played over the loud speakers for the skiers.

The view at the very top is spectacular and I couldn’t help but feel a serious sense of accomplishment making it all the way up there today. It made the 300 yen basic coffee I had at the cafe all the sweeter. I even got to see it start to snow while I stood there taking in the breathtaking views.

If you wish to take the cable car up the mountain instead it’s around 900 yen from base to summit one way, so it’s not cheap. There are a few cool shops and restaurants along the way, but since it’s the top of a mountain the prices aren’t exactly supersaver.


I hiked my way down and caught the Tram back to the subway line for 170 yen, gotta love those cheap Japanese transport options! Susukino station even has a Starbucks so…SCORE. All in all it was spectacular, if my feet hurt in the morning I’ll regret nothing.