I woke up at 2pm after a night of partying and a lack of sleep hit me hard. I felt so sick, my throat felt like it was closing up and my head felt like there was a mischievous monkey playing a brass band in it.  That is until one of the Australian girls gave me some mysterious Japanese medicine and after another 5 hour nap I found myself feeling right as rain again. This was when the spontaneous return to SkyTree appeared, and this time I paid the moola.

Apart from the fact I suck at taking photos, even with a gopro, it was a genuinely awesome experience. The 360 degree views are magnificent and as long as you choose your time to visit (I recommend not a weekend, and if you aren’t shit at taking photographs then at night is probably the most awe inspiring) then you won’t regret spending a single cent. Don’t be fooled, if it’s quiet you don’t need to purchase the international express ticket. It’s an extra 1,000 yen and only relevant if it’s crowded.

My favourite part was definitely the see through floor that you can stand on. My stomach dropped and fear clutched my heart the moment I looked down towards the ground 350+ metres below me. I did manage to walk across it but I was never comfortable, meanwhile a Japanese couple kept doing a death defying dance across the transparent surface – crazy.

I did warn you I was shit at photos, this was the best of my selfies…


Another quirky but entertaining aspect that definitely took me by surprise was the Kabuki that plays on the screens above the windows. It’s entertaining at first, but after a while you just want it to stop so you can enjoy the view in peace. I have to admit Kabuki done to Johnny B. Goode is quite interesting.

After a solid two hours taking in the sights I decided to call it a night as I had to be up early to make my way to Hakone. All in all it was a slower day, but after a rocky start, it ended up being a nice little evening.