After the adventure of my previous day I decided to have a quiet one. This was meant to be the day I hopped on a train to Hakone, and spent the day in what is supposed to be the most beautiful place other than Kyoto. That didn’t happen. I was woken up by two drunk Colombians at 4am who then proceeded to pass out and snore like wildebeests. Naturally I then overslept and while making my trip to Hakone pointless it also meant I missed the complimentary breakfast – fuming! So after buying what should have been free I headed up to the lounge and met an American who was trying to watch the games (NFL). After helping him find a stream that was quality we sat down and for the next 4 hours we were inseparable.

Following that I decided I had better get some yen out to be able to pay for my next accommodation and for my now Thursday Hakone trip – this when the heart attacks began. My card would not be accepted regardless of where I went!!! I was seriously freaked out and returned to do a little research – turns out that a lot of Japanese banks don’t sync up with global banks and so I was left with one option … the 7/11. I am pleased to report that after a few failed tries the 7/11 came through for me! If you ever have this trouble with your VISA in Japan please remember 7/11 and apparently the Post office ATMs work with all cards.

While all the excitement was going on something changed in me. I was suddenly so sick of being alone and barely speaking to anyone. In fact the only person I ‘knew’ by now was Martin my Argentine room mate. So I set about getting to know as many people as I could. It started with Jon, a rather tired looking Brit who had just arrived and was Jet lagged beyond belief. In addition to Jon there were 6 other Australians I met in the common room, one Malaysian, a few Japanese, and some Canadians. It was around the time Jon crashed that I decided to take up some of the Australian girls on their recommendation of the ramen place just next door to our hostel – it was fantastic!

Upon returning from dinner it was just one giant social gathering of pretty much everyone I had met that day and it was fantastic! I have never felt so good about travelling as I did by 2am last night. The advantages of solo travel to me were mainly the freedom to do whatever I liked but it was also starting to get a little lonely. Last night helped tip the scales towards it being so far the perfect experience.