So I leave for Japan in two days and I am woefully unprepared. There’s still a tonne of things I have to do and I have to say my bag is packed tight. This really will be a bit of a tester trip to teach me how to do things properly I think. Beginning with learning how to cut down to the bare essentials and finishing with giving me an idea of exactly what I need and what can be left behind.

I’ve kept my days open and haven’t really thought about where I want to go and when, but I have been looking into what’s nice to see in Tokyo and I think I’m most excited to see the following:

  • Bask in the beauty of Tokyo via the Metropolitan Government Building
  • Watch a Sumo training – I’ll miss the tournaments in Tokyo by a matter of weeks.
  • Explore the Yanesen area
  • Walk through the Imperial Palace East Garden
  • Entertain my inner child at the Tokyo Anime Centre
  • Visit the Meiji-jingu shrine.
  • Likewise at Senso-ji
  • And to EAT, I am so ready to eat.

If any of you lovely readers have been to Tokyo (or Japan in general) and have any tips I’d love to hear them!