So I spent the last two weeks taking a mini break and partying down in Brisbane to say goodbye to my Colombian friend Deyver. This was fun and all, but it definitely put me a little behind on the preparation front for my up and coming jaunt to Japan and Korea. I also may have over spent.

In typical James fashion I’ve since over-corrected and have now booked every single night’s worth of accommodation while overseas. Now, I’ve never travelled solo before, and I’ve definitely never booked and planned a trip by myself. I’ve read, and heard from multiple sources that it’s best to just book your initial accommodation and then organise as you go that way you’re not locked into anything when the inevitable craziness of travel hits. Oops. The way I saw it was I knew I had four weeks before I had to be in Korea, ten days in Korea, then I had to be in Hokkaido till the end to fly out, I simply  just filled in the blanks. I guess this is now a tester to see if it really does impact my experience or if by being so prepared I can relax a little more and not have to worry about that side of it while over there.

My schedule looks a little like this:

Tokyo 8th Dec – 16th Dec (Hostel)
Osaka 16th Dec – 17th Dec (Hostel)

Kyoto 17th Dec – 23rd Dec (Hostel)

Koya-San 23rd Dec – 24th Dec (Temple Stay – super excited, super pricey)

Hiroshima 24th Dec – 29th Dec (Hostel)

Fukuoka 29th Dec – 2nd Jan (Hostel)

Busan, Korea 2nd Jan – 3rd Jan (Hostel)

Seoul, Korea 3rd Jan – 10th Jan (Hostel)

Sapporo, Japan 10th Jan – 23rd Jan (Friends house!)

HOME 23rd of Jan

I’ve heard enough about which places are the most beautiful, and from which areas I can venture out and see some truly beautiful things. I’ve also heard which places I won’t enjoy very much (hence the 1 night in Osaka). This all may come back to bite me, we’ll see. I budgeted for $1,000 AUD for accommodation for the entire trip, and with the temple stay added in, it all came to $1,060 so i’m very happy with that!

Fear not dear readers I have not left out all stress of travel, I have plenty of transportation issues I’ll organise on the fly…