They say silence is deafening. They are correct. I haven’t written one of these in weeks and the absence of the keyboard clacking in the night left the place with a hollow feeling. I’ve just lacked motivation and inspiration. I’ve noticed I take it for granted when I have it, and lament the lack of production when it’s here. People I know have left for global travel, and others have started jobs that help them achieve things faster, and here I am sitting here in the middle of nowhere trying to find my bearings and win my fantasy football league.

I’ve found that your desires are the foundation of who you are if you just embrace them. It’s about what you want, what you believe, and what you do with yourself. I have wanted to travel the globe for over five years now, and time and time again I waste my money, and fail to achieve this deepest of ambitions. As is the way with all great inspirations, like a lightning bolt to the brain, I have been kicked into action.

My grandfather got me a signed copy of a biography of Sydney Kirkby – the foremost explorer and adventurer of the Antarctic. The inscription reads: “Best wishes James. In the nature of all journeys to frontiers it was all huge fun.” Something about it really inspires me to get off my tush and get going. There’s no time like the present and i’ll never be younger than I am today, yadda yadda yadda.

I will board a plane for SE Asia (Indonesia) in twenty-four months with as much savings as I can muster in this time and a backpack. I will travel for as long as I physically and mentally can. I will work as I go (bartender hopefully) so as to not dip into aforementioned savings and sustain this lifestyle until I have breathed in every last breath of experience this planet can offer me.

I don’t want to sit behind a desk till I am 70 (Actually the age you’re required to work in Australia these days).

I don’t want to study for four years to achieve some writing on a piece of paper.

I don’t want to be told what to do for the rest of my life.

I do want to get started.

As with all great plans it’ll most likely end up completely different, but hey, it’s something to write about, and it’s a start.