He wore the same thing as his last visit. The brown of his coat had long since faded and it now resembled something of a dusty relic clinging to his body. It still did the job for the old man as he sat contently on the park bench watching the leaves fall to the ground. There was no need to throw the bread today and his feathered friends were just as grateful as yesterday.

The wind was particularly nasty today and it maliciously sent a newspaper careening into the side of his head. As he battled with it a sweet voice caught his attention. Her voice was bright, and melodic. She sounded like Spring time to him.

“Shit! I am so sorry.”

That time in Spring where Winter is still nipping at its heals.

“Are you alright?”, she asked while trying to help remove the print from his face. The financial section was trying to suffocate him slowly.

He responded through the paper with a cheeky grin, “Yeah, I’m alright.”, he mumbled as the page was lifted clear, “Just interesting to see the Nikkei fall again”. The quip was lost in the wind and he now stared at a pair of brown eyes fixated on him.

“It’s…a…It’s a real shame”. She stumbled over her words as she looked into those eyes. His face was worn, his hair was worn, but those eyes remained bright. Illuminated even. Like he’d really seen something and locked it away. Kept it burning inside him.

She had to know more.