One memory bounds forth when I think of clouds. In 2014 I was living in a bush camp in the Northern Territory of Australia; I was about 350 kilometres away from the next community of human beings. It was incredibly peaceful and your thoughts were only ever interrupted by the sound of the wind in the gumtrees that surrounded our little encampment. That was until the storm season began, and a more impressive display by nature I cannot recall. It was unbelievably hot and it was unbelievably humid. The kind of humidity that would punch you in the face the moment you left your air conditioned room at 5am, and you knew your day could only get more uncomfortable.  The storm would build before your very eyes every day. Sometimes only threatening to swallow us whole, but other times actually pummelling us with it’s love. The black clouds would amass until it could hold out no longer and you would have to retreat to shelter for 8 hours. This pattern continued daily, and it was mid way through this season that my memory is based.

It was night time and the storm had just passed us by. The ground was still wet from it’s previous visit and it made it incredibly difficult to shower and keep your fresh clothes dry. Nevertheless, I was showering by the side of an old rusted caravan and I remember looking up to see the most beautiful sight i’ve had the pleasure of witnessing. The storm clouds ringed around us in the night sky, almost as if we were in the middle of a massive eye of the storm. They were black as night and would flash a spectacular light display every four seconds. The beauty of it all was the stars in the centre. If any of you have been to the bush and looked up at night you will know what I’m talking about. A perfectly clear sky, where thousands of stars are visible. Truly a sight you miss out on in a city. On this particular night the galaxy was on full display. This beautiful picture of the unknown staring down on me as our own temperamental planet showed off and framed the majesty of it all perfectly. The sound of the thunder in the distance, and the soft breeze in the trees made for a simply stunning experience. I remember forgetting about myself. I remember forgetting where I was and what I was doing. It was truly mesmerising.


Photo Credit: National Geographic