No matter what form it takes I’ve always loved the water. Much to my parents horror I was the child you’d see running in the rain, and stomping in puddles. I’ve always been an avid swimmer, and thanks to the heat in Australia I’ve been able to swim most of the year round for much of my life. I found that this love of all things wet translated well when I started travelling around.

The most beautiful natural things i’ve witnessed have been water related. The Kuang-si falls in Laos, Mt Tamborine Waterfall, Harry’s hut along the Noosa River, Kondalilla falls in the Blackall range, the Mekong River in Vietnam and Laos, every drop of water in Thailand be it river or ocean, the billabongs and ocean in the Northern Territory, the list goes on and on.

I don’t think I will ever not be in awe of the beauty it can create. And I hope, for my sake, there’s plenty more to come.