My vice was soft drinks and sweet coffees. Four months ago I quit sugar. I’ve never been through anything tougher. The cold sweats were a particularly fun side to it. The headaches were the proverbial cherries on top of the shit sandwich that was the first three weeks. But, something magical happened at the beginning of that fourth week; the headaches stopped, the cold sweats went away, and my need for sugar for breakfast, lunch and dinner went with them. I no longer needed sugar in my coffee, and the vague hint of dirt became something pleasant. I found my energy levels rising with each day, to the point where I no longer needed a nap during the day (or at work) and I was sleeping better.

It’s now been four full months and I’ve never felt better. I took these changes and ran with them (sometimes literally). The weight dropped off my frame with each week till I hit my goal and 12 kilograms later I have to say it was all worth it. I had no idea that depriving yourself of something could be such a positive experience. I’ve always taken and caved to my impulsive nature. Like a child, a child in a candy store, I want, want, want. I absolutely do not regret reigning that little turd in. Let’s hope he behaves himself.