I woke up to find out the bosses weren’t all that angry about the crash. The truck was due to be fixed/used for parts eventually so I probably ended up helping them insurance wise. Instead they decided to give dad and I a few days to relax before our new job begins. We were sent out to Nhulunbuy (also know as Gove) up on the far North-East coast of the Northern Territory. The drive up here to the cape was pretty slow due to the shit conditions of the road. Every square inch of at least 80% of the dirt road up there is corrugated and one slight mistake will easily cost you a vehicle, if not your life.  We also had engine trouble thanks to dad and his use of dirty fuel again. The man is a genius.

The town itself is nothing special. You’d think it would be a beautiful beach town and being supported by mining money it would have some interesting attractions. You’d be wrong. There are no relevant shops and the ones that are open are totally stingy with nothing going for them.

I must say the scenery is breathtaking. From the hill overlooking the main beach you can see for what seems like forever. The water is a stunning colour of blue and it meets a lovely deep red dirt and sand (See title photo). The idyllic and enticing colours of the ocean are matched only by its deadliness as it’s filled with crocodiles, sharks, stingers and box jellyfish. So swimming is not an option and a rather dangerous mistake to a lot of backpackers, or so we’re told. The only downside to all this is the damn heat.

We went to get some dinner at the local restaurant where we have a drinking tab…however, they were closed early today…because this town loves to disappoint people. We returned back to the accommodation bar to order more drinks and unfortunately some of the larger drunk girls we encountered earlier out on the street also entered the bar, and proceeded to make the place unbearable.The new arrivals waddled inside and like polluting chimneys they started spouting shit into the air.  They were obnoxious and loud and driving me closer to insanity with every syllable that left their mouths. The bar tenders all wanted them to shut up and go outside but that took all of 20 minutes which caused the place to go from quiet and enjoyable to loud and quite unbearable.

Three Days Later…

It’s been three days since my last entry. Last time i was in Nhulunbuy and staying in decent accommodation. Now I am in Gapuwiyak and staying in a shipping container turned accommodation.

The first day, the travel day, was interesting. I spent the morning getting roused at by the boss lady and then spent the whole trip to our destination asleep. Once we arrived we realised that we would be here for a while with nothing to do so we went and relaxed down near the local water hole. We quickly found out that it was croc free from 3 of the local children who promptly went in for a swim. They were then joined by more and soon there was abut 25 of the local children swimming (I have since learnt by an adult Aboriginal woman that there are in fact crocodiles in that water, a large one that rules the area and has been known to drag dogs and their owners into the waterhole…yikes kids).

They started coming up to us to find out what was going on, and soon we were swarmed with children. It was cute at first and quite a nice change but eventually they became annoying and really started to piss me off. They stole our money out of the centre console, went through our fridge, ate our peanuts, tried to steal our stuff out of the back, and basically became a living plague of humanity. I walked off to get away fro it all since dad didn’t seem to mind. Turns out the place I walked to was sacred ground – whoops. Dad drove up to get me with about 20 children hanging off the sides of the car all pleased with themselves. It took another 10 minutes to get the little turds off the car to drive off to see the boss. One even hid on the back till we were nearly onto the main road again….he was promptly punished by his friends with a great big stick. Looked unbelievably painful.

We found the boss and then spent the day learning the ropes and getting shown where to go for the job. It was pretty awesome fun. I mean she was a pain due to her poor people skills, lack of a sense of humour, and the way she spoke to you as if you were a mentally handicapped Orang-utan. The drive however was enjoyable, I followed them around as we went off road and it was so much fun, I enjoyed every second of it. I really hope this job stays this way, because it’s starting to be some serious fun if you look past the danger. Tomorrow our remote road reconstruction assignment begins!


So far i’ve been to and briefly lived in Ramingining (First few weeks), Nhulunbuy (Gove), and Gapuwiyak (The next part of the adventure). Where to next?